• 政府批准115个投资项目涉资40亿美元

    【本报消息】洪森总理透露,今年(2019年)头4个月,柬埔寨王国政府批准了115个投资项目,协议投资额共40亿美元。 他强调,相比2018年的81个项目、8.63亿美元的投资额同比增长了4倍。 洪森总理和尼泊尔总理奥利于14日下午共同出席在金边市举行的“柬埔寨-尼泊尔投资论坛”时,透露上述消息。 洪森总理说,最近20年里,柬埔寨国内生产总值(GDP)保持了平均7.7%的年增长率,且柬埔寨于2015年从贫困国家成为高等收入偏低的国家。 此外,2018年,柬埔寨的GDP取得了7.5%的年增长率,比当年年初预计的7.1%还要高,这是柬埔寨2019年保持强劲经济增长率的基础。 洪森总理说,柬埔寨目前正在走在正确的道路和方向,以实现王国政府制定的于2030年成为高等收入偏高国家的目标。 洪森还说,柬埔寨王国政府致力改善投资环境,减少投资者的投资成本,增强国家竞争能力。事实证明,柬埔寨至今仍然是具有投资潜力的热土。 他说,根据柬埔寨发展理事会(CDC)的报告显示,最近5年里,即从2014年到2018年,柬埔寨王国政府批准的投资项目一共959个,协议投资额约230亿美元,这些项目创造了约100万个工作岗位。 报告还说,今年头4个月,柬埔寨王国政府批准了115个投资项目,协议投资额共40亿美元。 据悉,为保持经济的中高速增长,解决自身经济中存在的问题,尽快融入东盟区域经济一体化进程,2015年8月,柬埔寨提出了《2015-2025工业发展计划》,主要目标到2025年,融入地区和国际产业链,改变柬埔寨当前劳动力密集型经济发展方式为技能驱动型,并向科技驱动型和知识型现代产业发展。 2025年前,将制造业在GDP中的比重从2013年的24.1%提高到30%;促进出口产品多元化,重点发展高附加值新型工业、制造业、医药、建材、包装、家具制造等领域的中小企业。 2018年,该计划优先实施4个项目包括降低工商业电力价格,运输物流总体规划,劳动力市场培训计划,发展西哈努克省综合示范经济特区。 柬埔寨政府在《2015-2025的工业发展计划》框架下提出了工业发展的路径,即优先发展高附加值、创新的和具有竞争力的新兴工业和制造业;通过发展工业园区来促进特别经济区的全产业链发展;简化特别经济区的贸易程序,为出口农产品和制造业产品提供便利条件;大力支持对未来产业提供战略支持的支柱性产业。                                                                  ---------2019年5月16日 柬华日报报道   -------------------------------------- 柬埔寨投资咨询(中介租房,买房投资,人力资源,旅游等) 扫描下方二维码咨询     ...

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  • 口岸工作者收取小费 官方表示“零容忍”

    【本报消息】柬埔寨王国政府近日召开国际口岸游客服务跨部门协调委员会第一次全体会议。会上,柬埔寨移民总局局长指出,近年来,内政部、移民总局、海关、旅游部等部门在多个场合反复强调对柬口岸工作人员收取“小费”行为“零容忍”,不断加大力度整治力度,取得明显成效。 但目前还存在部分外国游客办理出入境手续时 在护照内夹带小费情况,部分导游或领队唆使游客主动在护照中夹带“小费”,以谋取所谓“通关便利”。 柬旅游部部长唐坤再次强调,根据柬法律规定,严禁所有 在柬导游、领队直接或唆使外国游客向柬口岸工作人员支付“小费”。 长期以来,中国驻柬大使馆持续与柬有关部门进行沟通协调,联手打击柬口岸人员索要“小费”现象,共同为中柬人员往来和两国旅游合作良性发展创造良好环 境。中国驻柬使馆再次呼吁国人在柬出入境时,遵守柬法律法规,不要主动向相关人员提供“小费”,同时坚决抵制对方索要“小费”的行为。                                                              --------2019年5月11日 柬华日报 报道 -------------------------------------- 柬埔寨投资咨询(中介租房,买房投资,人力资源,旅游等) 扫描下方二维码咨询  ...

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  • 首个4E级国际机场即将建成投用

    【本报消息】位于柬埔寨西南部的国公省基里沙哥(Kiri Sakor)国际机场预计将于2020年5月份试运营,该机场是柬埔寨首个4E级国际机场。 根据巴戎(Bayon TV)网站报道;优联集团董事长李涛向记者表示,基里沙哥国际机场工程已建成约60%,估计将于2020年5月份试运营。 “机场建成后将成为柬埔寨首个4E级国际机场。每年可以接待约400万至600万名游客。” 李涛董事长希望该项目将为柬公民提供更多就业机会,同时将参与发展柬埔寨工业经济。 据了解,优联发展集团有限公司和柬埔寨王国政府于2008年5月9日签署了协议,落实七星海旅游度假特区项目,占地面积达3.6万公顷。 迄今为止,该公司按照计划顺利的落实此项目,已投巨资建设了许多必要的基础设施,如:道路、高尔夫球场、国际机场、国际深水码头、清洁水供应、网络、电力系统等。(伟成)                                                                         -------2019年5月16日 柬华日报...

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  • Demand for real estate, especially condominiums, climbed to a record high, while prices remained flat

    Phnom Penh: As more foreign investors flock to Cambodia, they see real estate rental demand, especially condominiums and apartments. The villa has grown especially in condos in some areas that can not meet the demand. Experts suggest further investment to meet demand over the next five or 10 years.   Although the cost of condo rentals seems stable, the cost of renting apartments in the suburbs is Chinese. Most have been claimed by the owner that the rent price has risen nearly 50%, while renting a Khmer citizen is only around $ 300 per month. Renting to China can be $ 500 per month for apartments on small roads From Russian Highway or Veng Sreng Street. Oknha Noun Rithy, general director of KFA (Khmer Founder Appraisal), said that currently renting a dwelling place Higher escalators, especially condominiums, some areas have 100 per cent dwellers and no leasing facilities No more.   Oknha Noun Rithy continued, "As noted, we see that despite the high demand, the cost of renting And we see that condos are not fluctuating, they are worth the same as last year's. " He added that nowadays, there is a need to invest more in condominiums to rent and sell to the needy. Particularly for the needy now, most are foreigners and few Cambodians because they have not changed. The mindset of staying at home to live in a co-owned building. He added that for rent on apartments and villas, there was also an increase in activity, especially in the province of Polon In Sihanouk, however, the activity may be shrinking in the next two or three years. The increase of rental of apartments and villas in Sihanoukville due to the influx of Chinese investors soaring to the brink of dumping and renting costs There is also the highest point because they need accommodation in the center of downtown. For Cambodians who want to rent a house to live and work in Sihanoukville, they are forced to rent in the suburbs because In the middle of the city, high prices could not withstand costs. He adds that renting a house, whether a flat or a villa to a high-value foreigner, is a big benefit for Local people and homeowners can rent a cheap place to rent, and some money to buy a home. In the future. Mr. Seng Seap, managing director of Real Estate Real Estate, also said that the real estate lease now has There are many needs, especially in the commercial zone, and most rent to business locations, and condos are also rented. Often, prices do not go up and remain in some areas. Director of Real Estate Real Estate Company, said: "Speaking to Kampong Saom, the majority of rents are focused. On the accommodation such as apartment, villa, can only run business because in Kompong Som, there is no condo or apartment. Not much to offer to investors. " In the future, renting a villa on Kompong Som can be expected to decrease after the building is under construction, he said. It's ready because renters will now return to condo rentals. However, while the price is high and there is a lot of demand, real estate owners should not risk leasing to others. No. They should find a lawyer who has specific skills to be a witness and a lease document to the next person to avoid problems at the moment. Future. Also, renting apartments in some cities in Phnom Penh is also bothering some private owners as well. But the rental price has doubled in two. "Before, there are 2 floors, I rent only about $ 300 a month for Cambodian people. But recently, my house on the small street near the airport can rent up to $ 500 Month to Chinese stay. " This is a quote from Siv Ench, who has a lot of flat-to-rent apartments near Phnom Penh International Airport. ..............................................   April 8, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below ...

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  • Land prices and real estate prices in downtown Taipei increased by 30-50 percent while the Ta Khmao City Plate finished

    Kandal: While the development and development of infrastructure in Ta Khmao is progressing step by step with the project Located in the master plan of the ministry and the provincial hall, the value of land and real estate of Kandal, especially Ta Moanh Hak has risen sharply. In which the real estate experts claim to be moderate The price of land and real estate in downtown Ta Khmao increased by 30-50 per cent, while the price of suburban land The National Road No. 21 has increased between 20-30 per cent and the land adjacent to the provincial road is almost flat 100 percent.    Kandal provincial governor Kong Sophorn said by phone on the afternoon of March 29 that Takhmao now has The scope is far more extensive than before, after four communes were taken from Sa Ang as a tributary of Takhmao. Including Svay Ream Commune, Sot Chor Commune, Prek Koy District and Roka Roka. He said that in the master plan of Takhmao province, there would be development of almost all urban infrastructure systems besides The expansion of the city has expanded many roads to facilitate the daily living of the people That number of people is growing steadilyStanding.  Kong Sophorn said that in the period when the provincial hall as well as the Ministry of Land Management, Urbanization and Construction Focusing on this development has made the construction industry in the whole of Takhau province flourish as well Especially the housing sector is booming under investing Domestic terminals companies. Dr. Van Wath, a specialist in urban planning, who is the master planner of Ta Moa and all districts in Kandal province, The land use map in Takhmao, Kandal province, has been formally put into place by the Ministry of Land Management and Construction. Support development Economic, social, environmental and sustainable effective safeguarding of natural resources. "Every development development blueprint is really important, because the main layout has set the size path to determine," he said. From the local land use plan to be appropriate and to promote land use and sustainable development. " He added that the master plan identified different development areas, such as areas for industrial development, development zones, commercial centers and farming areas And so forth.The master plan can be implemented and also requires the participation of citizens and local authorities to make this work effective and successful. . The master plan is a new development in the locality for people, industry, tourism, agriculture, and hydroponics projects. Of lifestyle vacation Much of the work, especially through the implementation of the master plan, can reduce the number of land conflicts that have had problems. Constantly occurring locally.  "The progress in Ta Khmao, especially the widening of the scope of the whole city, In line with the growing demographics, real estate and construction increased. " At the same time, the director of Khmer Foundation Appraisal (KFA), Oknha Noun Rithy, nowadays Tampa is no longer lonely as before This besides development in urban areas in urban areas in the suburbs has also developed, especially in residential construction. The price of land has steadily increased.  He said that currently the price of land in the commercial area ranges from $ 700 to $ 1,500 per square meter and some areas It can be up to $ 2,000-3,000 per square meter. Particularly, land in the suburbs, especially the land adjacent to Kratie town in Saang district, has a value of between 150 - $ 350 per square meter, depending on the size of land and location. ................................   Date April 1, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below    ...

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  • Earlier this year, the hotel and guesthouse in Sihanoukville increased by 10,000

    Preah Sihanouk Province: Challenges of a Hotel Room Deficiency in Sihanoukville Due to Increased National and International Tourists No Problems And the number of hotel rooms and guesthouses in the coastal province has now reached over 10,000 rooms.The leaders of Preah Sihanouk province's Department of Tourism said.Director of Preah Sihanouk Department of Tourism, Tang Fitthakorn, said during the technical team of Sihanoukville administration and wards. Together with a team of local companies, we have prepared and reviewed the preparation of the Sankranti Event that will take place in three Day for Lunar New Year In the morning of March 19, there are now rooms in the city of Sihanoukville, including hotel rooms and guesthouses. There are more than 10,000 rooms for guests to stay during their stay here. In addition to the Sihanoukville accommodation, it is packed with over 300 restaurants and cafeterias for catering. General visitors too. Kham Khemrath, general manager of Blue Media, said the company cooperated with the provincial administration to prepare for the program. Sankranti Sea for the celebration of the Khmer New Year in mid April.She added that we will organize a big platform for the reception of the New Year Angel, the Trance Dance Show, the Holocaust of 119 Monks Quoting God on the third birthday, playing popular games (throwing coins, tents, tugs, etc.) has a concerts Dancers for playing dances, performing arts, traditional and contemporary festivals Floating Lanterns and Lanterns, and nearly 300 booths. Additionally, we are also preparing to have a place for fountains (after the dedication ceremony) When the day is too hot. She said that the program will take three days for the Sankranti Sea Games, but separate for the show to sell products. , The committee is set up for 5 days. We are going to organize a variety of entertainment programs each day during the Lunar New Year to match. Traditional Khmer and fun for the general public. ......................................... March 25, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below ...

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  • Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge achieved 97% and is scheduled to open before the start of the year

    Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has announced that it plans to re-open the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge ( Chroy Changvar 1) under the presidency of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia. The Ministry of Public Works and Transport confirmed that the renovation of Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge was 97% and planned to be operational. Before the upcoming Khmer New Year. Obviously, on March 6, 2019, Minister of Public Works and Transport Minister Sun Chanthol examined the progress of repairs. The Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge (Chroy Changva), with participation of ministry officials, construction repairers and technical inspection companies.  Please note that the first Chroy Changva Bridge is 971 meters wide and 13 meters wide along National Road 6A in the Capital of the Capital Phnom Penh was constructed and commissioned in 1963 under Japanese grant aid. The bridge was damaged by the civil war in Cambodia and was rebuilt in 1992 by Japan and was renamed To be the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge by King Norodom Sihamoni King Norodom Ranariddh. As the bridge is older and as the economic growth and traffic flow increase, this bridge needs to be repaired. Urgently at a cost of about US $ 30 million under the Japanese Government's grant aid, which started operations. Constructed on September 15, 2017 and The project ends on June 14, 2019. Until now, the restoration and repair work of the bridge has achieved 97% and is scheduled to open before next year. New Cambodian tradition coming.  Ms. Srey Leang Im, a resident of Phnom Penh, said that for her and the Cambodian people to do The trip to the country during the Lunar New Year is really nice if Chroy Chanva Bridge is open before the New Year. Khmer because she believes it will help reduce her "If the Chroy Changva Bridge is being repaired by a Japanese expert," she said, "there is a lot of traffic jams. Soon enough to be able to run traffic ahead of the Khmer New Year is really good because I have experienced traffic jams for hours. Roundabout Chroy Changvar Bridge during Pchum Ben. I believe that if the two bridge bridges can drive, it will facilitate traffic jams when people go to the field. Provinces during the Khmer New Year. " "If the Chroy Changva Bridge is being repaired by a Japanese expert, it will be finished soon and it will be able to proceed," she said. The Khmer New Year traffic is really good because I have experienced traffic congestion at Chroy Changva bridge around At Pchum Ben. I believe that if the two bridge bridges can drive, it will facilitate traffic jams when people go to the field. Provinces during the Khmer New Year. " ..................................... March 11, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below      ...

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  • Investors are building middle-class housing, focusing on local customers

    Phnom Penh: Demand for affordable housing in Cambodia is growing at a remarkable rate, which is why local investors Looking at the average housing market as the most attractive and easy-to-reach target for real estate developers, especially developers Once invested in the housing sector Medium.  Chik Soknim, president of the Association of Valuers and Real Estate Agents of Cambodia, said previously that investors always looked at opportunities. So, when the demand for home-grown homes is increasing, they have to expand supply to respond To market requirements. Obviously, the standard of living of most Cambodians is not yet able to afford high-end luxury homes, so market demand The average or below-average housing is still there and lasts so it does not pose a risk to construction investors. The average housing is not.  The president of the Association of Valuers and Real Estate Agents of Cambodia stated, "Investors are made according to the market and target customers. For the medium or lower-middle-market market, it is broader because of the relative ease of living of the client. Currently, the momentum of housing investment is mostly in the suburbs because those areas have just begun to grow. Starting to evolve from the city, so the price of land is still limited, which can give investors a chance to invest in a short time.Medium and lower middle-housing sectors provide better returns on both sides. Investors have more opportunities to make a profit and buyers may have Access to a decent housing. .............................................   March 11, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below        ...

    发布 25 March, 2019


  • Can the 4F International Airport project be a land dispute?

    Phnom Penh: A representative of the company entitled to invest in the 4F International Airport Project, OCIC General Director Oknha Pung Kheav Se. Know that if there is no land dispute, the new Phnom Penh International Airport is planned to be built in Kandal province. Stung district, Kandal province and Bati district Takeo province will begin construction in early 2024. OCIC Chief Executive Officer Pung Kheav Seing said that by the early 2024, a large British company and a company Other relevant stakeholders will begin the process of constructing the new Phnom Penh International Airport, if there is no dispute or land related issues in the project area. Solve. "At present, the area to be built that airport is underway," said Pung Khav Se. Landmines and other ammunitions are available in a day, which can be found in the mine. 5 to 6 acres of land, and the size of the planned land plot is over 26 00 ha is mine clearance for eight months. "Oknha Pung Kheav Se continued that the land for construction of the 4F International Airport currently collects over 1,000 hectares of land, About 40% of the remaining 60% are preparing to handle. For the construction of airports in Kandal, Stung and Bati districts, there are three largest companies in the world. But last but not least, Cambodia decided to make a big UK company to build. Please note that the new airline planned for Phnom Penh is US $ 1.5 billion. In which foreign bank loans were $ 1,100 million of loans from OCIC share of $ 28 million The United States and registered capital are US $ 120 million, of which: Company Corporation is 90% and the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation, government representatives are at 10%. However, the location of the new airport project, located at Putsis commune in Bati district, Takeo province, seems unlikely to lead to disputes. The land, because it stretches over 100 hectares of land, six months, six months and six months. According to Bati district officials. However, there is still uncertainty regarding the location of the airport project in two communes of Kandal Stung district, Kandal province. Knowing how many people have been bought and occupied since 2018, so the resolution is still unclear. No. ........................................... Date: March 19, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More Information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below                                      ...

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  • Cambodia begins to expand its airbase

    Phnom Penh: Sihanoukville Air Force Base has begun to extend its runoff and allow the aircraft to land. The larger planes and 10 million passengers a year can be obtained. Airports chief of Cambodia, Pich Sophea Dara, said by phone on February 13, That the expansion of the Gangwon Airport has begun, and the airport will extend the 1,000-meter runway This plane receives more and more passengers The plane was larger. After the expansion, the airport has the capacity and length of the same route as the current Phnom Penh International Airport The airport is the same size as the Siem Reap International Airport.   "After this stretch of the road is expanded, we will prepare to build a continuous passenger building to allow this airport Is capable of carrying 10 million passengers a year. " "There are 11 airline companies that are currently stationed at the airport, which is not yet available," he said. Including charter flights. " However, he did not elaborate on the size of the investment capital on the expansion of the runway and the cost of building passenger shipments. In the future. Pich Sophea Dara said that if there were no changes, the planned expansion of the airport would end. Later this year. Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen recently said Sihanoukville's Corridor Airport will be Expands to get more passengers as government targets increase Cambodia's air travel to 30 million By 2030. At the same time, Tianjing Union Development Group has also started building another international airport in Botum Sakor district of the province. Koh Kong also. President of Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, Chhay Sivling, said that after the expansion, the airport was more attractive because It's bigger than ever, getting bigger planes and getting more confidence with the system easier to get Comfortable and comfortable for both national and international guests Statistics. "Sihanoukville has become more attractive from year to year, so it is important now that we have What attracted them apart from the coast. "The province of Preah Vihear is fast growing, but the slow development of the province currently lacks the human resources, the hospitality service is still there. The restaurant level has not improved. " "Besides the beautiful beaches, we have to have more processing resorts because tourists not only want to visit Sandy beach and take pictures. " ............................................   February 18, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below    ...

    发布 26 February, 2019


  • Experts point out the key to investing in real estate

    Phnom Penh: Economic expert and consultant of Emerging Markets Consulting Mr. Nget Chou, who is well-known in the media and trained pole teacher. The idea of ​​doing business has identified 5 key points that make investors invest in real estate. Market status. Nget Zhou wrote in his own social network on February 15 that if you want to be successful in real estate business Investors must have: 1- Long-term vision: Many investors lack long-term vision of investment flaws. Often, they often have a long-term financial crisis or a small profit. On the other hand, investors with a visionary view of the development of infrastructure, population growth and urban expansion. Often, they do not spend big capital, they can also get high profits and low risks. That is, they are patient, ready to benefit from future development. For example, in 2014, I invested in the Phnom Prasat area for more than $ 10 per square meter so far, ranging from 140 to $ 200 per 1 square meter. 2- There is a relatively large investment size: The size of the investment should start from 5 to 10 hectares for better project design Attracts and ensures high competitive prices. 3- The investment should be strategic: specific and loyal to the market, investors can jump into the market when it is over. Buy when prices go up. In stark contrast, real investors are loyal to the market, which does not shrink and trigger investment when the market is quiet and cheap. 4 - Project development in accordance with customer needs: Customer needs are complicated. Successful investors listen to and understand the needs, aspirations, financials and conditions that customers want. 5. Build a reputation and confidence: Whether investing in any sector or doing anything, rich can succeed big and long. If you have not built up your reputation and your social trust. For example, the owner of Borey New World has a reputation for excellence and great success. Customers can deposit even if the house has not appeared. ................................................... February 18, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below ...

    发布 18 February, 2019


  • Plumbing activities on National Road 2 start to shake

    Phnom Penh: After the project of renovating and expanding National Road No. 2 has been announced by the head of the Royal Government and will soon be inaugurated. Land clearing activities along the road started to rise sharply.  According to real estate experts, the price of land along the road will continue to rise because current momentum is still low. While development projects are gradually shifting to the area.  The first international real estate expert in Cambodia and head of Century 21 Fortuna Investment, Vay Virak, said that the lottery sales activity This is because developers see opportunities through development projects of major companies or government projects, along with land prices in In the area, it seems that the price is still low.  "In general, when a good infrastructure project is planned, the price of land will rise to a level and when the project Starting the construction of land prices, it will rise again.Moreover, once the infrastructure is ready, the value of the real estate will be increased.According to experiences I have encountered such as on National Roads 6, 5 and National Road No 4, ".  Similarly, the country director of CBRE Cambodia, Ms. An Sothyana, said in late January that the land price of The national road No. 2 currently depends on the type of land and area, but from the area of ​​Takhmao to Prek Ho, land prices have increased. Between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 per square meter It does not get much better than 2018.  She said that the price of land in the area by way of a 60-meter intersection increased from $ 100 to $ 300 per m Tackle up to the 20th Street at the roundworm, double over the previous two years due to factors As many of the suburban residential areas are easy to get into town Other trade.  She said that since the rice circle around Kandal Stung district, the price of land along the road was not high but was worth it. Between $ 80 and $ 100 per square meter. Mr. Seng Seap, CEO of Key Real Estate Co., Ltd. Said that along National Road 2 had once and for a while planned to build the airport and road construction project. However, this road still has the potential of a factory economy and connects to Kampot and Sihanoukville. Sihanoukville, as far as the Vietnamese border.  "The price of the land in the area increased by 2 to 3 times only on the ground around the rice circle, increasing from about 100 To $ 250 per square meter because it is a new development zone. "When the land needs to be developed, the demand for the land will also increase the land price." This National Road 2 will be restarted and expanded soon as it is the main economic road. Cambodia, connecting to National Road 1, National Road 3 and especially connecting 60-meter roads and 20th Street to the city Easy to travel and spend less time.  The plan to renovate and expand National Road No. 2 while a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has confirmed that it is currently in the area. During the auction, two auction firms were awarded bids.  "After the company has been contracted and the ministry leaves for a month, and the next time the company needs it," said Vim Sim Saroea. Open a workstation. " "This road project is limited to four orbits (two to two) out of the black line or from the road," he said. 60 meters to the roundabout and two orbits from the roundabout to the roundabout of Takeo. ...................................   Publish: February 11, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information of Cambodia please scene Wechat code below         ...

    发布 14 February, 2019


  • Phnom Penh-Siem Reap may have a high-speed road ahead

    Phnom Penh: Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol said that two private companies have been studying for construction. A new highway or highway from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Although no reports have been received from the companies yet, the reporters said after signing a memorandum of understanding Understanding on the Rehabilitation of the National Road No.5 Central (Cats, Moms - Battambang and Serei Saopho-Poom On January 28, Senior Sun Sun, Thon also appealed to all private sectors that intend to invest highway from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap to contact the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, while two private companies are studying but no reports have been sent to the ministry yet."I would like to request a private company that wants to invest in high speed roads from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap," he said. In 4 orbit of the Ministry of Commerce Welcome, but we have two companies are studying new road from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, expanding into 4 orbit is a BOT investment but the company does not Send a report and discuss it with the ministry. " "Now, the government has expanded from two orbits to four orbits from Phnom Penh to Skun, but from Skun to Siem Reap," he said. 200km, there are only two orbits, and we do not have plans to expand from two or four orbits. " Build multiple highways that connect to important economic poles, such as Mount - Preah Sihanouk province, Bavet City and Phnom Penh-Siem Reap continue to Poipet, Banteay Meanchey Province. Meanwhile, the highway project from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, as planned, will start construction soon as the plant and Chinese officials have arrived in Cambodia. Senior adviser to Supreme National Economic Council, Dr. Mey Kalyan, said the infrastructure construction. Is a must to accelerate Boosts Cambodia's economy because infrastructure is a major challenge in developing the Cambodian economy, especially our costly transportation issues. The most expensive compared to other ASEAN countries. "The government has been paying attention to this, but building long-term infrastructure will not be possible," he said In one month or one year. " ......................................... January 21, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information about Cambodia please scene to WECHAT code below ...

    发布 30 January, 2019


  • Royal Field Development tower begins construction

    The $150 million multi-purpose tower, which is a joint venture between a local company and a well-known US hotel chain, began construction on Monday and is set to open in 2022. The currently unnamed 45-storey tower, which includes the three-star hotel Fairfield by Marriott Phnom Penh, is located on Russian Boulevard, next to the 7 Makara flyover. It is a joint venture between the Royal Field Development Company Limited, a subsidiary of Chip Mong Group, and the US’ Marriott International Inc. Royal Field Development chairman Leang Khun said the partnership with the international hotel chain is a trend happening in line with the robust growth of the economy and tourism sector. “The construction of the international and mixed-commercial building and Fairfield by Marriott Phnom Penh will make a significant contribution to Cambodia’s commercial and tourism needs,” he said. ‘Collaboration will improve’ Chip Mong Group Hotels and Hospitality division senior vice-president Simon Dell said the reason why Royal Fields Development chose Marriott International as a partner was that it is an internationally renowned company. “We believe that the collaboration will improve without seeing any risks,” Dell said. The first five storeys of the tower will host offices and cinemas, while floors 15 to 45 will serve as the hotel Fairfield by Marriott Phnom Penh. Karl Hudson, Area Vice President for Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar for Marriott International Inc, said Fairfield by Marriott Phnom Penh will focus on middle-class clients. “The hotel will help fill the gap in mid-price accommodation in Cambodia,” he said. Marriott is an international standard hotel that was established nearly 90 years ago and has been operating a host of hotels in over 110 countries worldwide. Cambodia Association of Travel Agents president Chhay Sivlin said the increasing number of tourists and arrivals at international hotels indicates confidence in the Kingdom and its prosperity. “It is also a message to international investors about the opportunity to come and invest. As a player in the tourism sector, I really want more of such investments from international companies,” she said. However, Sivlin said that along with the growing presence of such international companies, Cambodia should also strengthen its human resource development to of better quality. ........................................ Publication date 15 January 2019 Resource: The Phnom Penh Post More information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below  ...

    发布 25 January, 2019


  • Land along National Road 5 starts to rise

    Phnom Penh: While the Royal Government is expanding National Road 5 into four orbits for easy transport and Business activities, land along the national road, from Prek Kdam to Poipet, are gradually increasing and increasing. There is a strong trading activity.According to officials from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Director of the Department of Transportation of Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, Mr. Chhum Phalla, said by phone on January 16, 2019, Indeed, the land on the road has already risen since 2011, but the price is different depending on Each region, such as Battambang, Pursat, and Kompong Thom provinces Kampong Chhnang, and other valuable and usually costs fungus. However, he did not specify how much land at each site was worth. Chhim Phalla added that people living along the National Road 5 are benefiting from the sale of their land. He and other business as well. The expansion of the route is to link the ASEAN-Haidia crossing the Thai-Cambodian border, and the Royal Government of Cambodia, funded by the Japanese government. Is accelerating the construction and expansion of the road. Moreover, the Royal Government of Cambodia is also addressing some of the remaining impacts to the people living along the road, but not much. No. Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia Horinouchi Hidehisa recently spoke through a video on the embassy's social networking site. Japanese government in Cambodia, stressing that the Japanese government rehabilitates the section of the National Road from the Prek Kdam to Poipet, 368.7 km long, and Ask the Cambodian people to increase their attention Walk on National Road 5. "The repair of National Road 5 will be increased from the current situation, with only two orbits to four," said the ambassador. Orbiting a total of 368.7 kilometers from Poipet to Prek Kdam. " The expansion of this national road is part of the National Road No.5 Improvement Project funded by the Japanese government. To the Royal Government of Cambodia for the repair of National Road No. 5 through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The construction will be completed in 2022. Ambassador Ambassadors also asked Cambodians to travel on National Road No. 5, to understand the prudence and to increase their awareness. Pay attention to the traffic signs for all safety travel. ..................................... January 21, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information about Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below  ...

    发布 22 January, 2019