• Chinese investors want to make high-speed trains in Phnom Penh - Kampot

    Kampot Province: While the coastal provinces are getting a lot of attention from foreign investors, especially those from China, there are now delegates Chinese investor expresses keen interest in Kampot by showing investment projects for high-speed trains in Phnom Penh - Kampot using Solar power. According to the Facebook account, the route of Kampot Provincial Court administration said that on Saturday, January 12, 2019, With the Governor of the Kampot provincial governor board, Chinese investors were allowed to meet and discuss high-speed rail projects in Phnom Penh-Kampot. Kampot Provincial Court Hall. Photo from the Kampot Provincial Administration On that occasion, the governor welcomed delegates and expressed the great potential of Kampot, especially natural resources, natural minerals, mountainous systems, and waterways. Roads, railways, ports are geographically connected to Sihanoukville and Vietnam, which are environmentally friendly favorable to investment. The source said that the representative of Chinese investors expressed interest in the features of Kampot province and plans to invest in the train. High speed Phnom Penh - Kampot using solar. In response, Cheat Savay, governor of Kampot Province, expressed his support for the company's investment plans and asked the company Conduct preliminary studies on the study of the site and the number of railways to be the basis of future discussion meetings. ..................................................... January 13, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information of Cambodia please scene WECHAT code below    ...

    发布 16 January, 2019


  • The government is planning to install 5G internet at Angkor site

    Phnom Penh: The Royal Government, through the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, plans to provide wireless Internet access 5th generation technology at Siem Reap Angkor Resort.  In a meeting to discuss the project on wireless network on January 11, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Telecom, Tram Ivet, said that to provide high speed internet and other online services Local and International Tourists in Angkor Resort, Siem Reap Province The government plans to build protein in wireless internet technology 5th generation (5G WiFi).  The minister said that the 5G WiFi system is capable of speeds of up to 20 gigabytes One second has a higher capacity than the 4th generation technology 500 times (within 20 km per square meter connected 1 million Device) and the connection speed is 1 millisecond. The project is part of strengthening and expanding national infrastructure to promote the provision of services provided by the Royal Government of Cambodia through digital commerce. Digicom and Digital Economy, which will contribute to improving people's living conditions and improving their living standards. To achieve a high-income country In 2030.  The minister added that installing the 5G WiFi device would not hurt the beauty of the device. The environment does not have any extra excavation or construction in the area.  Under the cooperation with the Korea Telecommunication Corporation (KT) of the Republic of Korea, the Korean side is assisting the Korean Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Providing grant assistance on Public Wifi and Digital Connectivity for School projects to be installed at five locations, two of which are Phnom Penh Samdech Hun Sen Park and Garden In front of the Royal Palace, Kampong Chhnang two are Hun Sen Kampong Luang High School, Kompong Lork District and Hun Sen Toul High School, Teuk Phos District and 1 High School IvVa Kong, Kong Pisey District, Kampong Speu Province.  Ho Vandy, an adviser to the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents and a director of the travel agency World Express Tours & Travel, said earlier that WiFi service provided Public access to the Internet is an addition and encouragement from the Royal Government to the private and public sectors. Not only that, it also benefits tourists to find information as well as connect to the whole world.  "The launch of this service is a further incentive from the public to the private sector, and the public has Also beneficial. Another important point is that the public service helps tourists, meaning they are easy to find when They come to a place where they can find another place to be found and connect with the rest of the world. " ......................................   January 15, 2019 Resource: Koh Santepheap More information please kindly scence WECHAT Code below                                                                                                       ...

    发布 15 January, 2019


  • 柬埔寨暹粒省“新国际机场”建设开始动工啦!

    近期,柬埔寨民航国务秘书处高官透露,目前,位于暹粒省速尼贡县达亚乡的新暹粒省国际机场建设项目的一些基础设施已经开始动工兴建,但该座大型机场的整个工程的正式开工典礼将于2020年举行。 柬民航国务秘书处国务秘书谢温透露,新暹粒省国际机场项目位置于暹粒省速尼贡县,距暹粒市旧机场约50公里,占地面积约700公顷。迄今为止,新暹粒省国际机场周围大道的工程工作即将竣工,而整个机场建设项目计划在2020年正式动工。 谢温国务秘书表示,为了承接大型飞机降落和容纳更多国际游客,柬埔寨计划兴建新金边国际机场和暹粒国际机场,以及扩建西哈努克国际机场。但暹粒国际机场项目将会率先实行。 据了解,云投集团于2016年10月在金边与柬总理府签署《柬埔寨暹粒吴哥国际机场项目BOT(建设-运营-移交)协议》。机场项目建设期加运营期共55年(建设期预计3至5年),运营期结束后将项目移交给柬埔寨政府。项目一期总投资约9亿美元。暹粒吴哥国际机场规划距吴哥窟40公里,距暹粒市区51公里。 ...

    发布 12 January, 2019


  • East-facing construction of the building is expanding

    Phnom Penh: Buildings in Phnom Penh have been spreading dramatically by domestic and foreign investors who have invested Overhead projects, building and housing projects to meet demand. As noted, the east bank of the Mekong River in the eastern Chroy Changvar region has also been developing gradually. According to real estate experts in Cambodia, there is potential in the capital city of Phnom Penh only for different potentialities. Looking east of Phnom Penh today is observed that some companies have been constructing Condominiums and skyscrapers for continuous supply. Duke Pung Kheav Se, President of Cambodian Builders Association, said the construction sector still has potential for investment investors, in which Phnom Penh remains There is a wide range of construction projects, although the other two provinces, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, are moving. Okhna continued: "Investors can still come to invest in Cambodia and we believe that in the coming years, Construction still plays an important role in boosting Cambodia's growth. " Meanwhile, as a builder, he will try to attract and welcome investors from all directions. Invest in the country to promote more developed Cambodia. However, the World Bank's Senior Country Economist for Cambodia, Ly Sethet, said that in the construction and real estate sectors, The high caution because of the cycle of crisis is approaching. "All stakeholders need to be more cautious and prevent the industry from falling too quickly To the whole of Cambodia's economic growth. " He said that over the past 10 years, since the real estate sector has shrunk, as well as the economic crisis, there has never been a real estate sector in Cambodia. No problem, there is a gradual momentum, but in this world, there is no country that has grown forever. There is always a slight downward momentum, just a momentum of upward revolutions The lower the two. Similarly, Cambodia needs to be careful about this point, to prevent too much momentum to keep pace with economic growth. Lasting. ....................................... December 31, 2018 Resource : Koh Santepheap More information please scance WECHAT code below ...

    发布 09 January, 2019


  • The highway construction machinery will arrive at the end of this month

    Phnom Penh: Senior officials of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport confirmed that currently, Chinese companies in charge of building Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Highway Will ship machinery to Cambodia by the end of January.  The Director General of Technical Affairs of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, Mr. Nou Vathanak, said by telephone on March 4 and that the machinery The construction of the highway will be delivered to Cambodia by the end of January, with equipment worth about $ 100 million America.  He added that nearly 200 Chinese experts have now arrived in Cambodia and the construction of a terminal and office for accommodation. Will begin construction soon.  "At the same time, the Royal Government has been speeding up the resolution of the impact on people who own land in the area. This is a bit complicated. " "When the construction site starts, I do not know yet but it does not take long," he said.  Ministry of Public Works and Transport spokesman Var Sorya said recently that the speed limit Phnom Penh - Sihanouk will leave the O'DM area of ​​the intersection between Kis Srov and Oswek Right hand of National Road 4. He said that from Phnom Penh, the road would be on the right side along National Highway No. 4, about 30 kilometers to the road. From left to right, until the forest of Prey Nub, it turns to the right hand side until Sihanouk Ville. "The road is 190 km long and costs $ 1.900 million, with a construction period of 4 years. And this road will have a closed fence on both sides so there will not be any traffic disruption. "  Vim Sorya said the expressway, called Express Way, would be 24 meters wide, with two vehicles capable of driving two Allways, there are parks in the middle, from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville.  Dr. Mey Kalyan, president of the Council for Development Studies, said earlier that infrastructure issues were a challenge in developing Cambodia's economy, but the government In the last few years, the government has developed a number of policies and invested in infrastructure to boost national growth. The government, which is in the right direction. However, he asked for an accelerated investment in infrastructure to reduce the cost of transportation .  "It is essential to build infrastructure to push the Cambodian economy to a new stage because if it wants to Cambodia has grown and moved to a new level, Cambodia needs to invest in more infrastructure, "he said. .................................. Publish date : January 7, 2019 Resource : koh Santepheap Media More information about cambodia please scene wechat code below       ...

    发布 08 January, 2019


  • 近日,柬政府重申:皇宫前广场“禁喂鸽子”,违者罚款!

    柬埔寨是现在世界上少有的几个还保留有王室和皇宫的国家之一。柬埔寨的皇宫就位于首都金边的市区。既是现任国王的居住地同时也是一个著名的旅游景点,是来金边旅游的首选目的地。 无论是短暂停留或者长期在柬生活,大皇宫都是必不可少的景点之一。 成群的鸽子聚集在此,也成为了柬埔寨皇宫的一道独特风景。 之前,很多游客都会特意购买食物投喂鸽子,这也使得人们可以更近距离的欣赏它们。 但柬政府发布了禁令:禁止在柬王宫前喂养鸽子,否则将受到与在公共场所乱丢垃圾一样的罚款。 近日,柬埔寨政府重申这一条禁令。 近期有位柬妇女携带小孩在王宫前玩乐时喂鸽子,此举使得该妇女被罚2万柬瑞尔(约5美金)。 同一时间,柬埔寨隆边区政府在其官方脸书发布消息解释道,上述妇女被罚是有法所依的。 因为柬法律有明文规定,在王宫前喂鸽子与在公共场合乱丢垃圾同罪,同时应缴纳相应的罚款。 该消息还说,有关法律规定,在公共场所或政府规定不能乱丢垃圾的地点乱丢垃圾,将会被罚款2万柬埔寨瑞尔(约5美金)。 消息强调,如果乱丢垃圾的民众不肯悔改,当局将会进一步采取法律途径进行严惩。 除了禁止喂鸽子外,皇宫还有这些禁忌,大家到皇宫旅游的时候还是要多加注意一下!   一、禁飞无人机 根据柬埔寨政府颁发的禁令,柬埔寨皇宫属于无人机禁飞区域,禁止在该区域范围内使用无人机。若有紧急情况需使用遥控飞行器(无人机)的话,必须先向金边市政府申请。若违反上述规定,将受到严厉的处罚! 二、禁止宠物在皇宫前大小便、禁止携带宠物入内 三、禁止戴帽子、禁背背游客大背包 四、禁止穿无袖、短衣短裤、女士禁穿短裙,应着长衣长裤 五、禁止携带枪支及管制刀具皇宫 ...

    发布 06 January, 2019


  • 2018年112万中国人到吴哥窟游览

    据吴哥机构1月4日发布的最新数据报告,2018年共有259万零815人次的外国游客购买吴哥窟门票,其中中国人达112万3597人次,占外国游客总人次的43.37%,同比增长23.46%。 据数据统计,2018年共有194个国家的游客购买吴哥窟门票。中国人最多,达112万3597人次,占外国游客总人次的43.37%,同比增长23.46%;韩国人第二多,共18万4395人次(占7.12%,同比下降25.21%);美国第三,共16万6974人次(占6.44%,同增7.44%);英国13万8972人次(占5.18%,同比下降3.44%);日本12万4550人次(占4.63%,同比下降3.6%)。 2018年全年共有259万零815人次外国游客购买吴哥窟门票,比2017年增长5.45%。2018年吴哥窟门票全年创收1亿1664万6685美元,同比增长8.03%。 吴哥机构表示,每售出1张门票,就向坤塔帕花儿童医院基金会捐助2美元,用以救助柬埔寨儿童生命,2018年全年,吴哥机构已向该基金会捐助518万1630美元。 值得一提,2017年,245万7023名国际游客购买吴哥窟门票,创收1亿零797万6439美元。...

    发布 05 January, 2019


  • Cambodian national bank predicts 7% growth for 2019

    Cambodia's economy is predicted to remain resilient and maintain a high growth rate this year in the face of challenges posed by the global economy, according to a National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) press release. The NBC press release stated that it expects the economy to grow by seven per cent this year, while monetary risks remain manageable given Cambodia’s low 2.6 per cent inflation rate. In addition, exchange rates remain stable at 4,050 riel to the US dollar and international currency reserves sit at $11.3 billion, enough to guarantee five months of imports. “Credit in the Cambodian banking sector is expected to accelerate to 17.1 per cent [this year] and financial inclusion will continuously grow, boosting economic activity and reducing the poverty rate,” the NBC release said. Risks from the external sector – the proportion of the Cambodian economy that interacts with foreign markets – will remain low as the global economy strengthened and world trade picked up. The current trade war between the US and China could force investment relocation, but the NBC projects that this could attract more investment in the manufacturing and agriculture sectors as the Kingdom can access many key markets duty-free. However, the NBC expressed concern over the higher costs of Cambodian financial institutions borrowing funds from abroad, as developed countries – especially the US – have a high benchmark interest rate which will pull capital back to these countries. “If this happens [Cambodian financial institutions borrowing funds from abroad], it will lower capital inflow to developing countries like Cambodia as it’s only available at a higher interest rate,” the NBC said. Cambodia’s biggest export market, the EU, warned last October that the Kingdom could lose its Everything But Arms (EBA) import preferences with the world’s largest trading bloc after allegations that democratic freedoms have receded. The EU’s warning, the NBC says, is a risk factor impacting the Kingdom’s economic growth. Acleda Bank Plc president and group managing director In Channy said Cambodia’s economy has diversified beyond textiles to electronics, vehicle spare parts and the service sector. He said these changes have led to stronger confidence in Cambodia’s economic growth forecast. According to Channy, the Kingdom has a good monetary policy in place, which has supported a stable average annual economic growth rate of 7.6 per cent over the past two decades. He said inflation had remained stable as a result of a steady exchange rate over the past decade. “Cambodia’s sovereign credit rating got upgraded by one mark due to stable economic growth. The upgrade will bring more confidence for investors in both debt and equity investment in Cambodia’s market,” he said. He said the NBC has put in place all necessary regulations to safeguard the financial sector, with banks and financial institutions required to strictly comply with safeguards intended to mitigate sectoral risk. Prasac Microfinance Institution Ltd senior vice-president Say Sony said the Cambodian microfinance sector is expected to maintain its healthy growth this year in line with the projected seven per cent GDP. He said Prasac’s credit growth alone is expected to reach 20 per cent this year. While the possibility of an EBA withdrawal and a decreased ability to borrow funds from abroad remain risky, Sony said any impact this will have on the Cambodian microfinance sector will be manageable as operators have prior experience with economic slowdowns, as well as the 2008 Asian financial crisis. “Existing lenders have been committed to renewing and ready to disburse new loans to us since last year. Our depositors are especially happy to entrust their money to us because of high returns and [consumer] confidence,” he said. ....................................... Publication date 04 January 2019 Resource : The Phnom Penh Post More information please scence WECHAT ID code below  ...

    发布 04 January, 2019


  • Chinese investors to provide property boost in 2019

    While investment capital in Cambodia’s construction sector showed a nearly 20 per cent decline last year compared to 2017, a group of industry insiders are optimistic that the sector will recover this year, boosted by an inflow of Chinese tourists and investors. Chailin Sear Realty Co Ltd CEO Chailin Sear said the sector is now reaching a new chapter with the influx of Chinese people, which is providing impetus to Cambodia’s real estate sector to grow virtually nationwide. Preah Sihanouk province is currently experiencing high growth and this is expected to impact other coastal provinces, especially Kampot. “The increase in Chinese will make Cambodia’s real estate prices more robust,” he said, adding that despite Cambodia’s real estate sector currently lagging behind neighbouring countries, it will see strong growth for the next four to five years. Last year, the Kingdom approved a total of 2,867 projects valued at more than $5.22 billion, down 18.66 per cent from $6.42 billion in 2017, according to the 2018 Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction annual report. Khmer Foundation Appraisals president and CEO Noun Rithy said economic and tourism growth, particularly Chinese tourists and investors, will “make the real estate market more positive” in the Kingdom this year. Demand and property prices will continue to increase, especially in coastal areas and border areas, he added, saying the sector may see a 15 to 20 per cent increase in the capital and coastal provinces. However, Key Real Estate Co Ltd director Sorn Seap believed the sector was more likely to see an increase of just five to 10 per cent this year, both in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap province. “For coastal provinces, land prices already reached their peak last year, so we cannot predict if it will grow to the same extent,” he said. Ni Pengfei With the real estate and construction sector boom, the central government collected nearly $100 million in revenue last year. While the ministry’s report showed that it also collected more than $97.6 million in revenue from the sector last year, an increase from $93 million in 2017. Ann Sothida, director of CBRE Cambodia – which provides rental services, office building management and commercial centres – also expressed optimism for the market. “The increase in new companies and the slight increase in office and commercial space supply will make prices rise slightly. Overall, the market will remain healthy,” she said. .................................... Publication date 03 January 2019  Resource : The Phnom Peng Post More information about cambodia please scence WECHAT code below  ...

    发布 03 January, 2019


  • 警惕!台风来袭,部分地区持续降温

    因受到第1号台风“帕布(PABUK)”影响,本2日至4日柬埔寨部分地区将出现持续降温和降雨现象。 水源气象部2日发出通告称,第1号台风“帕布”已登陆中国南海,并将向泰国南部移动。 因受上述台风影响,本月2日至3日在豆蔻山地区、柬埔寨东北部和拜灵省将持续降温,特别是凌晨和晚上。   从本月3日至4日,金边部分地区、白马省、贡不省和西哈努克省降雨量将变多。 水源气象部呼吁海岛地区军队、渔民和游客注意安全,特别是本月3日至4日期间,因为届时将普降大雨和出现高海浪。...

    发布 02 January, 2019


  • 超百万民众参加双赢纪念碑跨年活动

    旅游部部长唐坤1月1日指出,2018年12月31日在双赢政策纪念碑举办的跨年活动共有超过100万人参加。 唐坤部长说,50多分钟的烟火秀、著名当红歌星云集的演唱会等,吸引了大量的国人到金边市水净华区北达兴分区的双赢纪念碑参加跨年活动。 他说,洪森总理与夫人文拉妮,还有政府多名高官参加了大型跨年活动。 唐坤表示,除了双赢纪念碑,金边市洞里萨河东岸、金界娱乐城和钻石岛等处都举办了跨年活动。...

    发布 01 January, 2019


  • 吴哥窟门票去年创收1.1亿美元 同比增长5.45%

    刚刚过去的2018年里,柬埔寨从吴哥窟销售门票获得的收入水平突破1.1亿美元。柬埔寨将其中的超过500万美元捐赠给获得全国人民认可的坤特宝花儿童医院,支持这座非盈利医院充作经费。 据负责管理吴哥古迹的吴哥机构1日公布的报告显示,2018年全年,吴哥窟门票收入水平达到了1亿1664万美元,较2017年相比增长了8%。 报告显示,2018年全年,一共有259万0815名国际游客购买吴哥窟门票,同比增长了5.45%。 在这大笔收入中,柬埔寨王国政府利用了518万1630美元捐赠给坤特宝花儿童医院,支持该医院继续开展拯救柬埔寨儿童性命的使命 吴哥窟位于柬埔寨北部,是一座宏伟的有着护城河环绕的建筑,它是如此非凡的建筑,是世界上无与伦比的建筑。   柬埔寨的吴哥窟几个世纪以来令参观者感到困惑而又着迷,每年都吸引了来自全球各地的数百万游客前来参观旅游休闲。   据悉,目前吴哥窟的门票价格分别是:“一日游”门票37美元,“三日游”门票62美元,“七日游”门票72美元。 柬埔寨政府从每张门票收入捐出2美元资助坤特宝花儿童医院,以帮助柬贫穷儿童,并在门票背面注明游客个人捐献。...

    发布 01 January, 2019


  • 今晚开始降温!比去年更冷

    柬埔寨水源气象部发布最新消息 从12月31日至1月4日, 东北和西北部地区气温骤降 拉达那基里、蒙多基里、上丁、 柏威夏、奥多棉芷和拜灵省 最低气温17至19度, 最高气温为25至26度, 早晚温差8度左右。 其他省市的低温约在21至23度 ,高温为26至28度。   而金边及周围省 最低温则会降到21℃, 海边城市如西港、 贡布等地受影响较小, 降温不明显。 柬埔寨卫生部门也发出提醒, 突然降温容易导致感冒等疾病发生, 尤其是老人和小孩等体弱者, 一定要做好保暖措施。...

    发布 31 December, 2018


  • “双赢广场属于全国人民,不属于我洪森”

    12月29日上午,洪森总理和文拉妮夫人共同主持“双赢政策纪念碑启用”暨“结束内战20周年庆典”。 双赢政策纪念碑不属于个人 洪森表示,双赢政策纪念碑以“双赢政策”为主题建设,于2016年2月25日动工修建,耗资约1200万美元。 洪森亲介绍,双赢政策纪念碑顶部设计成三角形,代表着双赢政策成功实施,保证了人员的性命与安全,人员的职位和职业,保证人员的财产;中部五边形代表着推翻红色高棉政权的战略结构,即打破、孤独、结束、融合、发展战略;底部七边形结构,代表着双赢政策成功实施的7个因素。 洪森强调,“双赢政策纪念碑”属于柬埔寨所有人民的公共财产,绝对不是其个人财产。 洪森说:“这里不是我个人的,是柬埔寨国家和人民的公共财产,它将免费开放给全国人民、学生、青年前来研究学习、休闲、参观、运动等。” 我并非个人主义,恰巧称为主角 洪森强调,他并不是个人主义者,也不是神仙,只是参与了柬埔寨重要历史事件。 洪森强调:“我从来没有把自己当作神仙,只是我参与拯救柬埔寨,参与了许多历史性的事件,并成为了最重要的‘主角’之一,我并不是个人主义者,但不可否认,我和夫人与柬埔寨动乱时期有分不开的关系。” 和平保证柬迈向高收入国家 洪森感谢,人民踊跃参加庆典,也呼吁全国同胞们参加位于金边市水净华区百达赛分区的双赢政策纪念碑广场举行的一系列庆祝活动。 洪森指出,自内战结束至今,人民的收入从每年不到200美金,涨至每年获得1400美金,我们有信心将国家于2030年变成中高收入国家和2050年成为高收入国家。 洪森强调,为了让柬埔寨实现2050年高收入国家的目标,一定要维护国家和平。  ...

    发布 30 December, 2018


  • 明天开始降温,柬埔寨的冬天来了

    2018年12月30日,柬埔寨水资源气象局发布天气预报显示,从明天12月31日至2019年1月4日,柬埔寨的气温将受冷空气影响下降,这是2019年第一次降温。 据柬埔寨水资源气象部天气预报显示,最低气温将下降至17摄氏度,17至19摄氏度的气温主要分布在拜林市,奥多棉吉省,柏威夏省,上丁省,腊塔纳基里省等地,而金边和其他省份的气温则在21至23摄氏度之间。 此外,柬埔寨气象部还提醒柬埔寨人民尤其是在驻守在边界山区的士兵注意防寒保暖。...

    发布 30 December, 2018