The Chao Ching roundabout will begin construction this weekend

The Chao Ching roundabout will begin construction this weekend

A representative of OCIC, which developed the Fly Over Bridge and Subway at Chom Chao Boulevard, said the company had begun clearing the circle. The following Tuesday met with authorities and stakeholders to push the work towards the end of the deadline by the end of 2020.
The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Sky Bridge and the underground tunnel was held on June 29, 2018 by Prime Minister Hun Sen. The project was built by Overseas Cambodian Investment Company (OCIC) for $ 22 million, which lasted 30 months.
Chom Chao roundabout is the landmark connecting from Phnom Penh to National Road 3 and National Road No 4 which is the gate Export and import Cambodian goods to international markets through waterways. The point is that every day the traffic is blocked by the Phnom Penh Capital Hall, which is to be used to build a bridge and substitute underground tunnel. Back.
OCIC Representative ឌី Vandy said yesterday he had met with local authorities and relevant sectors with a network underneath Land, such as cable, telephone lines, electricity grids, and distribution channels, so that they take the underground layout together. Before the OCIC team started fertilizer Covering the sewers and re-enacting the network.
"According to the plan, the land sewage at the site to be constructed at the heart of Chom Chao will start on the 10th. This December. "
Mr. Vandy said that the tunnel at the heart of Chom Chao will be constructed two underground bunker with two lines to be dug The depth of 13 meters.
Although the construction of the Sky Bridge and Subway at the heart of Chom Chao will be very complicated, Mr. Vanda said that the project Will be terminated within 30 months of launch.
According to Vanda, the expansion of the road to reduce congestion during the construction site has been completed since October 30. However, he said that so far, there are still about 17 houses and two gas stations. Resolved.
Mr. Meth Meas Pheakdey, spokesman for Phnom Penh Capital Hall, said that he did not have any details on the project of building a bridge and underground bridge. The land at Chom Chao point, he knows only the construction is going forward. LA
date 05 December 2018
Resource : The Phnom Penh Post
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